The Authentic Mullet – Create your Mullet Masterpiece

The perfect mullet haircut

Creating the perfect mullet haircut does not have to be hard, and it can absolutely be made flawless by following a few simple steps.

What is a Mullet?

A mullet is a really sweet hairstyle with very short hair in the front and on top, while allowing the hair in the back to remain long and natural. The perfect mullet haircut can only be achieved if you follow these simple steps.

Step #1). Buy or Make your own Mullet Creation Device

A mullet hairstyle creation device

This device was made specifically for creating the most amazingly perfect mullet haircut. It is crafted from the finest aircraft aluminum on the market.

As you can see this amazing invention can allow you to easily cut your hair without the risk of removing any hair in the back that you want to keep.

A view of the mullet helmet from the back

Using this Device

  1. This mullet device will need to be placed on your head.
  2. Simply cut the exposed hair in the front while allowing your mullet tool (helmet) to keep the valuable hair in the back safe and secure.

Once your exposed hair is cut, you can move on to the next step in the process.

Step #2). Making your Bangs Perfectly Symmetrical

Using a chalk line to make your mulletized bangs perfect

This specialized chalk line is essential to make the front of your mullet haircut perfect in every way.

To make your bangs (or front of your head perfect and aligned properly you will need to use a chalk line. The chalk line shown in the image is slightly upgraded, but you can get by with any type of chalk line found in a hardware store.

Using the Chalk Line For the Ultimate Bangs

The process for cutting the bangs of your mullet is simple, snap the chalk line across your forehead at your desired length (you might need assistance from another person).

Cut along the chalk line as shown in the image. below.

Chalk line usage for cutting the perfect bangs

Notice the way the hair is cut evenly right along the chalk marker. This is the only way to achieve the perfect symmetry needed for a mullet.

Step#3). Hair Gel Application

Applying hair gelOnce your hair is cut fairly evenly in the front, you will need to apply a generous amount of hair gel. This will allow you to pat down your bangs and do another chalk line snap. A final trimming to achieve perfection may be neccesary.  In this demonstration my hair was not perfect, so I opted to give the front of my mullet an extra snap of chalk.

A second snap of chalk after the application of hair gelAfter some trimming to get your bangs to the desired perfection level, you will will be able to consider yourself the proud owner of the perfect mullet haircut. Rest assured you will be able to go anywhere you want and pick up as many women as you want. You should use you new haircut responsibly, because there is no possible way any woman will be able to resist you.

The completed perfect mullet hairdo

You are now ready to enter the world with your perfect haircut. Be prepared to be bombarded by hot women from all walks of life.